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20 Years Of Experience In The CBD Wellness Industry

Happy Buddha Hemp was in 2016 by husband and wife duo- Kate Povondra & DJ Petz with the sole purpose of providing natural and effective CBD products to keep the body healthy. Kate discovered CBD through DJ when she hurt her back in a fall down their stairs. Once very active, she was faced with a drastic change to her lifestyle.  She was doing everything she could to find a solution but what she found didn’t help- until she found CBD through DJ. As a massage therapist of 14 years, she became fascinated with what she was experiencing so she did extensive research to see what was causing these results and began using it on her massage clients to see how CBD can work with the body and help people. Once she started using it on others, she really understood what an amazing, beneficial compound CBD was. DJ had known about CBD for a long time, he had been growing cannabis for 10 years and moved out to the North Fork Valley of Colorado to learn how to refine his technique and how to grow plants without using any harmful or toxic chemicals, which is still the norm for most cannabis. He quickly learned that great hemp starts with great soil & by using natural methods, you don’t have to sacrifice the yield of the plant to keep the quality high.

The pair started to formulate products that kept true to their values as individuals and that would help people have access to pure, clean, cost-effective CBD products. What started as a grassroots company 4 years before hemp was federally legalized, gained a popular following in Colorado. In Dec 2018 when the Farm Bill federally legalized hemp, Kate & DJ brought their company nationwide and found an overwhelmingly positive response. Through the years, they have grown a husband & wife company to a team of 5 managing partners, 44 employees and nationwide recognition of authorities in the CBD Industry. Their vales are at the core of the company and they have refused to sacrifice them for profits- and their customers have notice the difference time and time again. We know if you try a Happy Buddha Hemp product- you will notice the difference.

Happy Buddha Hemp Team

Kate Povondra


Kate Povondra has been a licensed massage therapist since 2006, she has devoted her life to understanding how the body functions and heals through holistic modalities. When she was introduced to CBD through DJ, she saw the immense benefit of the hemp plant, began researching how CBD interacts with the body and how it helps promote wellness on a cellular level. In Happy Buddha Hemp, she is a Jill of all trades. Creating graphic design for packaging and marketing material, helping bring to life the ideas and goals of the company and helping flush out business ideas and opportunities. In her spare time she is enjoy hanging out with her friends and having lazy days on the couch snuggling her dog Ava.

DJ Petz


DJ had known about CBD for a long time, he had been growing cannabis for 10 years. He was part owner in the largest edible marijuana company in Denver and moved out to the North Fork Valley of Colorado to learn how to refine his technique and how to grow plants without using any harmful or toxic chemicals, which is still the norm for most cannabis. He is one of the biggest driving forces of Happy Buddha Hemp (and one of the only guys in the office!) His creative out of the box ideas are always the reason for all the amazing changes you see in the company. His passion for the industry and Happy Buddha Hemp is easy to see anytime you talk to him. When DJ isn’t moving the needle, he is pursing his life’s work of making video games.

Art Wisehart


Art Wisehart has always been at the leading edge of new technologies in the architectural and energy fields. His professional career has always centered around bringing ideas to life. His design and architecture company Phoenix Rising has serviced both the commercial and residential industries in Chicago and Colorado. In 2018 he received the Acanthus Award for Excellence in Allied Arts and Craftsmanship for his work in residential design. As part of the Happy Buddha Hemp Team, he has designed and built Happy Buddha’s Hemps Spagyric extraction machine and manages the relationships with local businesses and farmers. In his spare time, Art has a zest for spiritual development, always searching for the deeper meaning of life and understanding of the human condition. He is always quick to make a friend and go to the hot springs and cross country skiing with his wife of 20 years Erin.

April MacGregor


April MacGregor has had a lifelong passion for herbalism and natural skin and body care. She is currently in a certification process through the Colorado School of Herbalism. As part of the Happy Buddha Team, her passion and knowledge are behind some of our most loved products. Being a mom has helped her develop an unmatched organization and foresight for our shipping and production teams. She is able to see our systems and help us develop them so they function seamlessly and offer flawless support to all other departments, making sure their needs are met, making sure Happy Buddha Hemp can function as needed. When she isn’t busy multitasking like a pro- she is working on tending to her amazing garden of medicinal herbs and flowers, and camping and adventuring with her husband Colin, son Akash and dog Wilma.

Teighlor Darnell


Teighlor’s infectious joy and attention to care for her professional relationships leaves a lasting impression on her clients and her sales staff. She will always go the extra mile to provide support and education to our wholesale customers. She is the mastermind behind our awesome emails we send out, so next time you are looking at those amazing pictures- know it’s the work of Teighlor Darnell. When she isn’t on the phones, or creating amazing emails, she is tending to her yaks and playing with her two cats and two dogs with her wife Erin and her daughter Willow.

Rose Holmes


Rose oversees all packages that are shipped out of our office, packing each one carefully and methodically, making sure each order will arrive without damage. She is a customer support guru and goes to great lengths to make sure any problem that arises is taken care of quickly and with great care. Her care and attention to detail help make sure that you get your order without a hitch. She is also a Certified Nutritionist who helps people achieve their health and wellness goals through personalized whole foods nutrition plans. In her spare time, she loves hanging with her dog Ana (who takes the best doggie pictures in the world) and practicing cultivating a life of care and joy.

Rochelle Santimaw


Rochelle spends her days at Happy Buddha in the production office making our amazing products. She is the amazing perfectionist who oversees every product that goes out, making sure that each batch of Happy Buddha Hemp Sports Cream, Buddha Balm, Tinctures…etc is the same every time. We really believe her positive outlook and lighthearted way of life ends up in every product and helps put the “happy” in Happy Buddha Hemp. Her care and attention to detail no doubt ends up in every jar and bottle that arrives on your doorstep. When she’s not formulating, she is out hitting the road on adventures with her daughter’s Deja and Charlie and dog Apana. If there is fun to be had, Rochelle is there!


Happy Buddha Hemp is a family-founded company committed to providing high quality spagyric full-spectrum CBD products cultivated from organically grown hemp. We take a lot of care in the products we put out and making sure the are effective for helping you maintain the highest possible quality of life by easing your aches, pains, irritations, and soreness, and by helping you fall asleep easier, and get a good night’s rest, as well as giving you ease as you get through your day.

Since 2016 we’ve had the amazing opportunity to connect with you, our customers, and share in your wellness journey and we are grateful every day.


We know that if you try our products, not only will you see how they will help you live an optimal quality of life every day, but also see how much attention and care goes into each product, package and customer.

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