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Buddha Balm is our highest strength mentholated topical; carefully crafted with a potent blend of menthol, camphor, arnica ginger and cinnamon gives you an ideal amount of CBD and a long lasting heating and cooling effect- effectively soothing aches and pains. You can feel the bang in this balm!

  • Heating and Cooling effective
  • Best product for on the go application and an during sports or physical activity
  • Slow release of CBD for easing aches and pains
  • Strongest topical available

$22.00$79.00 available on subscription

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Recover Faster and Go Further

With Buddha Balm

  • Much more than CBD:

    – Arnica Flower soothes minor bruising and swelling
    – Ginger Root & Cinnamon provide warming relief, teaming up with CBD to regulate healthy inflammation levels - fast
    – Castor Oil assists in drawing ingredients deep through dermal layers.
    – Thick, long lasting application

Designed for hands free application

Roll up as much or as little Buddha Balm as you think you need. If you roll out too much, you can always roll it back down.

Rub on desired area

Make sure to coast the surrounding areas of your sore points (not just on the area of soreness). Apply using a light pressure and let the product do the work for you. Pressing down too hard may leave you with more product than intended. You can let it absorb naturally or rub it in if you are needing a faster absorption.

Menthol, Castor Oil, Olive Oil*, Arnica Oil*, Full spectrum spagyric CBD extract, Camphor Oil, Ginger extract, Camphor oil, Ginger Essential Oil, Cinnamon Essential Oil*, Peppermint Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, CBD sourced from hemp. *Organic

Most Asked questions about

Buddha Balm

  • How long does Buddha Balm provide relief?

    If you let it absorb in naturally, the effects of Buddha Balm can last you all day! If you are very active, or need a little extra help every now and again, you can apply multiple times per day for stronger relief.

  • How long does it take to notice results?

    For most people, you can notice a huge difference within 15-20 minutes. For some folks, it can take a few days of daily use to get the results they are looking for. You can use daily, or as needed.


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  1. 5.0

    Quinn Collier

    I love this product, I take it with me when I hike.

  2. 5.0

    Jane reynolds

    My husband would never try anything cbd or thc related. I started rubbing on this “tiger balm stuff” I got from the internet so he didn’t even know it was cbd and he couldn’t get enough. “Can you put the tiger balm stuff on me again” hahahahah I am so happy to give him some relief.

  3. 4.0

    Justin M.

    I take this stick to the gym and it really helps me after a workout from being too sore the next day

  4. 5.0

    Noah Rickter

    I use this for my occasional lower back pain and I can’t live without it now. I sometimes put it on after my shower and it lasts until about 3pm before i put it on again. I need to soak in a bath of this stuff

  5. 5.0

    Alex kirkland

    I use this on my father who is an 83 year old man. He seems to be able to get around in a normally healthy way and complains less about his random aches and pains and asks me for it every time I go to see him. I love the customer support of this company from what ive seen so far.

  6. 5.0

    Aaron rankin

    This is the best cbd company I have found and this and the sports cream and the gummies I have tried them all and really love them all.

  7. 5.0


    I met the owners at a mall in denver and I have never found a better company, hi kate and DJ!

  8. 5.0

    Eva Long

    I talk with taylor every time I call and she always helps me and gives me free samples and I appreciate that

  9. 5.0

    Rob Grimm

    Worked like a charm

  10. 5.0


    Thank you, Katie for introducing me to your lovely cbd products. I have found them very relaxing and they help to ease the tension in my neck and shoulders.

  11. 5.0

    Sharon Reince

    Loved it. I have been using it on my feet and it really helps!!

  12. 5.0

    Alex Webb

    Whenever I have back and neck pain, I grab my Buddha Balm right away! It works really fast, and when I use it before bed, I feel so much better the next day – Amazing!!!

  13. 5.0

    Polly Cady

    Always have this with you! It is easy to use and it is purse size and backpack size. Great for before and after exercise. I have bad feet from wearing bad shoes and it help to do things like go to the store. Your hands will love you. Happy Buddha will travel!!!!!!

  14. 5.0

    Sue (verified owner)

    LOVE THIS PRODUCT. “Creeper relief “ in the best way.

  15. 5.0

    Sue (verified owner)

    I put this stick inside the fridge and it’s amazing instant cool relief helps me even better especially in these hot summer days. Try in and see for yourself

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