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History of Spagyric CBD [spuh-jeer-ik]

It’s a hard word to pronounce but it’s efficacy is unmatched. Developed in the 1500’s by herbalists and alchemists to give their tinctures, remedies and compresses a complete plant profile. They believed the more of a plant that can be put to use, the more effective it will be. This was the birth of the Entourage Effect. Our philosophy is to always keep everything as close to nature and to alter it as little as possible. Which is why when we were deciding on what type of CBD products to offer, we sought out the best biochemist we could find to help us revitalize this ancient technique. Spagyric extracts are typically synonymous with alchemy because the hemp plant does undergo a unique transformation process during the extraction.

Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Extraction

First, we began our extraction with organically grown cannabinoid-rich hemp flowers being soaked for up to a month in organic alcohol. This allows us to pull out the chlorophyll, terpenes (scent), flavonoids (taste), the full CBD profile (CBG, CBN, CBD, CBDa, THC, etc), the amino acids and the other beneficial oils of the plant. We then bring the solution to an alcoholic reclamation machine- this separates out the alcohol from the hemp extract, without the use of heat (which can destroy a lot of those beneficial compounds) or solvents (which can leave a harmful residue in the final extract). What we are left with is a tar-like substance that is full of almost everything the plant was when in its natural state. This is of course a longer and more complex process than almost any other CBD extraction process used today, but the results are nothing short of spectacular. We think you are worth the extra effort – without an extra cost.

Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Extraction
Mineral Extraction

Mineral Extraction

Oil extraction is where all other companies stop, but not Happy Buddha Hemp. We take the left over biomass that has had its oils removed and place it in our custom-built incinerator. It undergoes a very simple but specific process to burn the plant at extremely high temperatures, and then even higher temperatures, leaving a white calcified ash after days of immense temperatures. What this calcification does to the salts and minerals of the plant is it makes them soluble so that we can reintroduce them into our full spectrum oil extraction, truly giving you the fullest full spectrum extraction available. The entire plant is present in our products, a true entourage effect approach.


The next step is to separate out the carbon and any other components of the ash. We use distilled water to bathe the ashes in a water bath for the purpose of dissolving the calcified salts and minerals. Once dissolved in the water we run through a very fine filter that removes the carbon of the ash itself. Letting the calcified mineral and salt water evaporate in a specific controlled environment, what is left is millions of tiny white crystals. These crystals are then finally added back into the original tar like full spectrum oil extraction under certain controlled environmental conditions and then the magic happens, the oil extraction starts to bubble as it takes in the last part of the plant in its entirety. In that moment it is turning alkaline and water soluble and is the unique alchemical process that herbalists raved about because they knew the immense wisdom in plants and the entourage effect.


When the spagyric extraction is complete, it is mixed into our products to provide you with:

  • Alkaline CBD extracts
  • A 100% complete plant profile (everything that was in the plant at time of harvest is in the final product)
  • A electrolyte boost of the salts & minerals
  • The Fullest Full Spectrum you can find
  • The noticeable effects of the entourage effect
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