Bulk Coconut Oil Salve

Bulk Coconut Salve is the best way to provide in house treatments to your clients, customers and patients. Using CBD with your therapeutic training, skills and tools will increase the results of any work you do during your time with them. Coconut Salve can be used in combination with other topicals (like Biofreeze and Tiger Balm) or can be used exclusively.


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Recommended Usage: For relaxation and stress we recommend 1oz for a full body treatment (applicable for massages). For acute or chronic pain points- Generously apply CBD body oil so whole area is covered and apply any techniques you would normally do. Re apply after techniques are finished. If you need less glide- you can apply to area, wait 5-10 as you do other techniques elsewhere and come back after it has absorbed and gently pat off any excess before you begin treatment. The recommended bulk products for more friction are the Lavender Face & Body Cream or Sports Cream.

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Full Spectrum Spagyric CBD.


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